Gillian Cavoto

Gillian Rose Garden


Gillian Cavoto was born and raised in the Brandywine Valley, just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her childhood was spent tumbling through streams, trees, and horse stables. It was this time that really helped to develop her love of the outdoors. Since she was very small Gillian has always loved to make art, and has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. When it was time to attend college she chose Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Center City Philadelphia and quickly fell in love with watercolor. Using this newfound medium and her love and curiosity for nature, Gillian began to create highly detailed watercolors of seashells and insects she collected. This led her to pursue a position at The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University where she was invited to be a visiting artist in the entomology department. While there she created illustrations for exhibitions and of new and very very old specimens collected domestically and internationally. Lately her artistic pursuits have taken on a more intuitive approach. Rather than focusing on the reality of the world around us, Gillian has been turning inward, to the reality of her subconscious and daydream wanderings. This new vein of work consists primarily of ink and graphite on paper. Using words, and the visual dialogue of her imaginings, she weaves stories and dissects her inner self. It is her aim to not only understand herself better, but to also give others an outlet to explore their inner selves as well. 

Gillian has been in numerous shows across Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, and she is a member of the Da Vinci Art Alliance in South Philadelphia. This Autumn is the opening of her first ever solo exhibition in Arden, Delaware. Gillian currently lives in Georgia with her fiance’ and their dog. She continues to draw and paint, and is aiming to create a whole new body of work.